WILLILAMS/Life’s strange turns

By Robert M. Life can take many strange turns.Eighteen months ago, I wrote about Blackshear natives Jimmie and Katy Jones. A former BHS basketball standout, Jimmie was struggling then with the loss of his beloved Katy just a few months earlier. Jimmie, family and friends, contributed generously to initiate the Kate Jones Memorial Scholarship fund to help needy local students attend college. The second group of recipients were just awarded in May.Jimmie and Katy were no strangers to helping others. Together they had ministered to thousands as volunteer chaplains at the Atlanta Airport, not far from their Henry County home.Jimmie told me why he was establishing the fund and donating it to the Pierce County Academic Boosters: “A gift like a scholarship can keep on giving and bring rewards for generations as young people use these dollars for education and come back as productive citizens. Jimmie saw his gift as the first of many that would continue to benefit this community.Sadly, to...
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